Attention Executives: How To Put Your Best Face Forward

Toronto business photography

Eye contact. A solid handshake. Articulate communication. Yes, these are three important aspects of a solid first impression. But before “they” even meet you in person, your image is what they noticed first! A sharp, professional headshot of you represents your brand and your business.

Sure, they might forget the boring work experience you listed on your resume. But they will remember an image that represents your energy, poise, direction and smile. Your website, social media and business material should have a fantastic photo that represents you.

Plus, when a reporter calls to interview you and want a photo for next month’s Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, Success or Fortune magazine, what are you going to do? Scramble and stress last minute to get a professional shot taken?

Don’t ruin your chances. You’re the boss. You’re in charge. Be in charge of your image, too.

It’s true. A picture speaks a thousand words. Don’t just rely on your credentials to get noticed. Make sure they remember YOU. Contact me today, let’s put your best face forward BEFORE the meeting even happens!

Toronto business headshot

Toronto business headshot

Toronto headshot for business

Toronto headshot for business

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