BEFORE Getting Photos, Read This First

Professional headshot photographer in Toronto

For The Determined Dance, Fashion & Acting Professional Who Needs ATTENTION-GRABBING Headshots That Leave An Impression… Read This

Headshots for dancers letter

Shawn Byfield Toronto photographer & dance expertFrom The Desk of Shawn Byfield
Re: Professional Headshots and Photography for Dancers, Fashion Models & Actors in Toronto

Feeling like the letter above, and tired of your old photographs? Need a sharp headshot or portfolio that truly represents the current you?

Feel like it’s time to really put your best face forward, and dive in to your career- but not sure who can help?

You’re NOT alone. You’re not the only one feeling that way.

Yes, it’s great that you got a few free shots from friends a while ago. After all, you were doing them a favour for their portfolio, and vise versa. You both needed the experience.

But now, those days have passed. It’s time to take yourself seriously. You’ve matured, you’re more confident, and you are driven. You know you need to be seen. You’re passionate about your industry and what you can offer.

And most importantly…

…if you’re going to pay your bills and create your lifestyle, you need to WORK. You need to get paid! Wouldn’t you like to get paid to do what you love?

I’m here to tell you, from my own experience: You CAN do this. Let me tell you…

How To Get YOUR Foot In The Door


Toronto photographer photography headshots

Professional Toronto headshots and photography for dancers, fashion models and actors

Good News!

You’re in the right place. You CAN get the work. You just need to stand out from the rest. But how do you do that?

That’s where an experienced photographer, alluring headshots and a great portfolio comes in. Whether you aspire to be a professional dancer, internationally recognized fashion model or celebrated TV actor, it all starts with getting your foot in that door.

A captivating headshot is the secret to grabbing the attention of the decision makers! Producers, directors, casting agents and clients need to believe you’re best for the gig based on your photographs and headshots.

Sometimes, here’s the reality:

If they’re not interested in your photo, they’re not as interested in you. And that sucks. Even if you’re the most talked about upcoming runway model, the most energetic dancer or experts agree you’re the next Oscar-winning actor.

Always remember: You get what you pay for. Your cheap (or free) photograph tells the audition panel you don’t believe in yourself enough to invest in yourself. Really? You won’t even invest in your OWN quality professional photos?

Think about it. If YOU won’t invest in you…

why should they?


Toronto headshot photographer for dancers

If you started your own business, you’d invest in business cards wouldn’t you?

Don’t wreck your chances by presenting an amateur Instagram photo, Twitter selfie or GASP– a Facebook profile pic you cropped from a party a while back. You get what you pay for!

Your headshot is like your business card. So wouldn’t it make sense then to invest in your future? Leave the people willing to hire you with a solid and professional first impression, and wanting to see more.

But of course, it goes both ways:

Even if you have stunning photography and killer headshots, if you have poor social and audition skills, bad acting/runway/dance technique or a crappy attitude- you’re not helping matters. At the end of the day, it’s all about YOU…

Will Your Photo Guarantee You’ll Have
An AMAZING Future?

Toronto headshot photographer for dancers

Toronto photographer photography headshots

I’ve personally been behind the panel running a Toronto audition, and heard the casting director say

“Wow, great photo, she’s gorgeous on camera! Too bad she has no talent… Next please.”

Your photograph is just a picture- a reflection of you. But it doesn’t say it all… So you’ll need to work on YOU. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot. You need to BELIEVE in yourself and constantly improve your craft. Give this your all. Now’s the time.

Work on YOU every day. Aspire to be the best fashion model, film actor or dance artist you can be. Be the best leader, writer, and business owner you can be today with the resources you have.

And combine your passion with the right photographer? Now that makes ALL the difference.

Your future can be AMAZING! Now’s YOUR time.

And I’ll tell you right now: it is hard work. You have to persist. You WILL hear no. It doesn’t mean you suck. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard no. Just keep pushing and let your passion and ambition drive you.

You CAN do this.

Whatever professional career path you choose, I’ll help get you in that door. What you choose to do after you’re in is up to you!

Contact me TODAY and let’s set up your kickass photoshoot,

– Shawn Byfield

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